Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elkin and Alleghany Railroad, Elkin NC, Ticket Station, 1911-1931

This is a photo of the Elkin Ticket Station for the Elkin and Alleghany Railroad. It was also one of Elkin's first libraries and also was the offices for the Elkin Manufacturing Company. It was built around 1870. This is one of the only things left standing after one hundred years have gone by.
There were nine stations or stops along the Elkin & Alleghany Railroad. Here is a list of them along with the mileage that they were from Elkin according to the report of the corporate commission in 1914.
Elkin 0 miles, Adsit 1 mile, Klondike 5 miles, State Road 7 miles, Currans 8 miles, Parks 10 miles, Thurmond 12 miles, Doughton 14 miles, Veneer 15 miles.

Elkin and Alleghany Railroad, Elkin NC, 1911-1931

One hundred years ago the early Pioneers of Elkin NC had a vision. Their intention was to build a railroad that would connect Elkin with Marion, Va. Another purpose was to connect two major railroads together and intersect in Elkin. The Richmond and Danville Railroad would connect with the Norfolk and Western line at Jefferson NC some sixty miles away. The construction of the railroad began in 1907 but the railroad was dedicated and celebrated its anniversary on July 4, 1911. The railroad was very useful and prosperous for about ten years until US highway 21 was built and then it was totally abandoned in 1931. Now only an empty roadbed can be seen through the woods from Elkin and beside US 21 all the way to the foot of the mountain. Only sixteen to eighteen miles were ever completed of the railroad.
Here is a listing of the officers and directors for the Elkin & Alleghany Railroad.
J.A. Mills, President and general manager
F.T. Ricks from Raleigh NC was the assistant to the President
Hugh G Chatham from Winston Salem NC, Vice President
Alexander Chatham jr.,Secretary and Treasurer
C.B. Penny, general manager
P.P. Gwyn, general agent

R.A. Doughton, Sparta NC, AH Eller, GW Hinshaw, Hugh G Chatham, Gilvin T Roth, J.S. Atkinson, A.M. Smith, R.M. Chatham, A.G. Click, J.F. Hendren, E.F. McNeer, J.W. Ring, J.A. Mills, C.W. Smith Laurel Branch, J.C. Smoot, N Wilkesboro, NC.
All of these men were well known business owners even before the railroad was constructed. They saw the railroad as a good investment and important to grow the business in and around the Elkin community. They would bring in experienced men such as Mr Mills and Mr Ricks who were already in the railroad business to oversee the company.
Photo credit given to Elkin Historical Collection