Friday, December 20, 2013


The Weekly Bath by Keith Hall
As I was taking my morning shower the other day like I normally do daily I thought how blessed we are just to have warm water and a shower. I began to go through the process in my head of how the water pump, pumps the water out of the ground and how the water fills up in a hot water heater and it is heated and stored for use at our convenience. I began to think how our grandfather's would have accomplished this a hundred years ago.
There was no pump or electricity to pump the water and the water was carried from a spring in mulltiple buckets. Can you imagine how many buckets it would have taken to fill up a tub? Families today consist of four to five people. Families a hundred years ago usually had on an average of ten to twelve people. This would involve ten to twelve people having to take a bath. A hundred years ago people had large families to help farm, raise food, cut wood, (with a saw or axe) so they could stay warm and not freeze to death.
Families had one large tub and everyone would pitch that was ten or an older to bring water from the spring in as many buckets that they owned to fill the tub. Buckets were an important commodity but today we take no thought in owning one.  The water of course would have been so cold that it was heated on a wood stove and then poured into the tub. It could have been decided one of two ways who would get to go first. The eldest to the youngest or the youngest to the eldest. There was no changing the water after each bath but everyone used the same bath water. This is why I titled this the weekly bath. People usually bathed once a week and a shower was unheard of at this time. There wasn’t any running water, hot water heaters, or showers. That is why you see in the old western movies men going into town to a public bath.
The next time you get into the shower and think how good the warm water feels then realize how blessed you are to have something as nice as a shower. Many parts of the world today still bathe just the way I described because they are living a hundred years behind modern times. A major catastrophe could happen someday and take away what we take for granted. People now have to worry about how dry their skin gets in the winter time when the heat is on and the hot showering everyday also removes the oil from

their skin. Maybe you should just take a weekly bath and allow the natural oils of the skin to lubricate your skin but instead we have to buy oils, lotions and moisturizing soaps to keep our skin from getting so dry.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marketing Strategies, Using your Company Vehicle for a new Business Concept

Your company vehicle is one of the best marketing strategies that you can use especially for a new business concept. It is very important that you choose the best colors for your logo so that when people see it they automatically know that it is your company or brand. You need to keep it simple and not try to place too much in the logo so one may read it while the vehicle is moving. It needs to be precise and to the point so that when one sees it they know what kind of business that it is. If it doesn't do this, then you need to go back and plan some more. Question yourself, does this logo tell what type of business we have? If I were an outsider going down the road, would I know what you were offering or selling? If you have trouble branding yourself and planning your logo look at other companies’ vehicles and see how they have marketed their product and an idea may come to you on how you may do yours. Once you obtain the logo that you want and have it put on your vehicle then you can park your vehicle as close to the road as possible so passing cars can see your business and your brand will be implanted in their minds. Be sure and put a phone number, address and website address on the vehicle so people can contact you. Take an old vehicle whether it is in running condition or not and park it close to the road with your logo on it too. This will save you money on paying for billboard space and some municipalities will not allow signs to be put up in the city limits and usually they have not passed laws on signage on company vehicles.